Alien Splitter BT 60

Product Information

Diameter: 38mmXL BT60(1.63")

Total Length: 56"

Nose Cone: 38mm Plastic

Motor Tube: 29mm Fiberglass.

Fins: .080" G10 Fiberglass Composite

Bulkheads and Centering Rings: 3/23 G10 Fiberglass Composite. G10 2-Piece Bulkhead Assembly

Deployment: Dual Deployment Capable.

Recovery: Sold Separately

Hardware: Mini Rail Buttons

Included Accessories:  2- 6' Kevlar Tethers.

Recommended Motors: G-I

Not Included, But Recommended Hardware:  29mm Retainer L

​Note: This rocket does not actually split aliens during an invasion, but it will poke one quite nicely. However, as always, If you were to be invaded by aliens from another planet, call the U.S Air Force. Or better yet, lay off the booze.

Earn Reward Points: 67

Earn Discount: $2.01

Product Code2554
ManufacturerMach 1 Rocketry

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