8" Fiberglass AGM-33 Pike

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Product Information

Filament Wound Nose Cone
Metal Tip Nose Cone
Pre-Slotted Fiberglass Airframe
G10 Fins and Centering Rings
Dual Deploy w/18" Long A-Bay


Length: 142"
Diameter: 8.0"
Weight: 56 lbs
Motor Mount: 98mm
Fins: 6 each 3/16" G10

Parts Included:

60" x 8" Pre-Slotted Fin Can
40" x 8" Payload Tube
2" x 8" Switch Band
18" x 8" Coupler
40" x 8" Filament Wound Metal Tip 5:1 Ogive Nose Cone
Nose Cone Coupler
Three Sets of Forward Beveled 3/16" G10 Fins
Three Sets of Aft 3/16" G10 Fins
40" x 4" Motor Tube
Three Centering Rings
Five Bulk Plates


Product Code 1962
Manufacturer Madcow Rocketry
Condition New
Weight 35Lb

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