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Advanced 6
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    Ultimate Endeavour

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    Diameter: 6.0 in. | Height: 108 in. | MMT: 54mm w/(3) 38mm Parachute: 60" & 48" | Payload: 36" Fin Array: 3 (Split-fin) | Fin Thickness: 0.09" The ULT. ENDEAVOUR is a huge, cluster-capable kit for Level 2 and 3 (with full upgrades) flights. This rocket stands 108 in. tall, is 6.0 in. diameter and has a 3 (Split-fin) fin design. This rocket comes standard with a 54mm w/(3) 38mm motor mount and can fly on me thru K + 3 outboards motors. At ~173 oz., the 60" & 48" parachute is sized right for …


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