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Affordable Model Rocketry for groups in a micro size! With Quest’s ARTF (Almost Ready-To-Fly) Micro Maxx™ kits, you’ll enjoy the thrilling experience of model rocketry in a small yard! These micro-sized rockets require only a 50-foot diameter launch. Designed for backyard fun - you won’t lose these micros the first time you launch them. Featuring the powerful Micro Maxx™ motor, maximum altitude is 120 feet and the tumble recovery method ensures that they land nearby!

Includes: 12 Micro Maxx™ rocket Kits, 12 MMX motors, 12 MMX-G2 initiators, Micro Maxx™ Launch Pad, and Launch Controller. One 9-volt alkaline, snap-top, battery for the Launch Controller (sold separately).

Perfect for the Cub Scout Rocket Derby!

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