Tiny Pterodactyl

 Tiny Pterodactyl
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Product Information
Dia.: 2.1"
Height: 25.5"
Weight: 18 oz.
MMT: 29mm

A new generation of Pterodactyls is born! Like it’s parent the mighty Pterodactyl and sibling Pterodactyl Jr., the Tiny Pterodactyl was born to fly. Use an F motor for slow, graceful flights or pack it with a G motor for real excitement. We’ve even flown the Tiny Pterodactyl on an H-238 and amazed the crowd with a neck snapping transonic flight!*

* Nose weight was added to keep the CG forward of the CP during this flight. Some rocketeers like to keep two nosecones on hand: one weighted for higher power motors and a standard one for lower power flights.

Comes with an 18" chute, QT airframe, piston system, decal, and 0.062 G-10 fins.

Product Code 1435
Manufacturer Public Missiles
Stock Level 1
Condition New
Weight 1.5Lb

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