Firewire Electric Match

Firewire Electric Match
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3 ft long Electric Match-The only  ATF non-regulated initiator on the market. Don't be fooled, the safety explosives act of 2003 regulated all igniters. After many samples and conversations with the ATF, we are proud to announce that we have a non regulated product.

Bridgewire ResistanceMaximum No-Fire CurrentMinimum All-Fire CurrentRecommended Minimum Firing CurrentRecommended Nominal Firing CurrentMaximum Test Current 
1 ohm ± .2 ohms.30 amp. (300milliamp.).60 amp (600 milliamp.) .75 amp 1.00 amp.04 amp (40 milliamp.)

  Discount available ($0.75 each) for pack of 40 matches(1/2-box), and is only for groups of 40(ie 40, 80, 120,...)Any other amount outside bundle group will be at regular pricing. 

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.3

Worked every time

These have worked every time I've flown. Easy to trim and strip the wires. I highly recommend these ignitors. (Apr 02 2021, 18:26 pm)

These have a shelf life of 2 years

I just received a box of initiators and the box states a 2 year shelf life and the date stamped on the box shows it is almost a year old. Disappointing that this was not disclosed upfront. Reply from Chris' Rocket Supplies-I have reached out to customer-Product shelf life is a legal requirement to be printed per the manufacture and they will stand behind them regardless of shelf life date. (Aug 06 2020, 11:21 am)

100% Success

Since I started using these e-matches I have not failed a single dual deploy attempt. If I would have found these (or this site for that matter) a couple years ago I'd be light years ahead of my current game. (Mar 29 2018, 16:00 pm)
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