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Easy Mini
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Product Information

This is a small, baro-only recording dual-deploy altimeter for model rocketry


User View

  • Recording altimeter for model rocketry
  • Supports dual deployment (can fire 2 ejection charges)
  • Barometric pressure sensor good to 100k feet MSL
  • Designed to use a battery supplying 3.7V-12V.
  • 1.5 x 0.8 inch board designed to fit inside 24mm airframe coupler tube
  • 1MB on-board data logging flash
  • Weighs only 6.5g (less than 1/4 oz)

Developer View

  • Hardware Features
  • Software Features
    • Written mostly in C with some ARM assembler
    • Runs from on-chip flash, uses on-chip RAM, stores flight data to flash memory part
  • Tools Used
    • gEDA for schematic capture and PCB layout
    • GCC compiler and source debugger
  • Licenses

The EasyMini version sequence was 1.0, then 2.0, then 1.1, now 3.0.  Version 1.0 used a different USB connector than later boards, otherwise the difference is only in which procesor chip was available at the time of manufacture, and therefore which firmware version is needed.  All EasyMini have identical features and performance.

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Product Code1491
ManufacturerAltus Metrum
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