Space Corps Vesta Intruder

Space Corps Vesta Intruder
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Introducing the Space Corps Vesta Intruder, a spacecraft that sparked the curiosity of humanity after the Space Corps Corvette patrol encountered a large craft of unknown origin near the asteroid Vesta in 2055. With Enrico Fermi's question in mind, "Where are they?” the Vesta Intruder provides some answers to the possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth.

Standing at over 2 feet tall, the Vesta Intruder can fly up to 350 feet high using a C11-3 engine, disappearing into the sky like a spacecraft traveling at light-speed. The Vesta Intruder is designed to inspire dreams of intelligent contact and the threat of technologies beyond human understanding. As it speeds towards the inner solar system, the Space Corps is mounting a defense, making their last stand for the future of humanity.

Bring the Vesta Intruder to your launch site and ignite your imagination about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and unknown technologies. Get your hands on the Vesta Intruder and experience the excitement of exploring the unknown.

  • SKILL LEVEL: Advanced
  • PROJECTED ALTITUDE: 650 ft. (198 m)

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