Green Eggs Lofting Rocket

Green Eggs Lofting Rocket
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Designed for Estes C11 and D engines, this rocket model can safely carry a regular-sized raw egg as its payload. With its clear payload section, you can even fit two eggs with a D12-3 engine! The Green Eggs rocket's swept fins not only add stability during flight but also allow the Green Eggs rocket to stand by itself.

Additionally, the balsa fins are thick enough to enhance alignment and provide exceptional strength, making it suitable even for mounting through a wall. With a main body tube and clear payload section of the same diameter, the Green Eggs rocket is easy to set up with a standard launch lug without the need for awkward stand-offs. Overall, the Green Eggs lofting rocket provides a safe and fun way for your students to conduct experiments with their "eggstronauts" without spending too much time on building.

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