Master Kits

Master Kits
  • Explorer Aquarius

    Explorer Aquarius

    The Explorer Aquarius is a Master level kit that features a custom jig for perfect alignment assembly. Launched with an Estes  D12-5  engine (sold separately), the Explorer Aquarius can fly higher than 700 feet! You’ll want to proudly display this show piece when it’s not on the launch pad, so we’ve included a removable plastic display engine nozzle for the complete effect.
  • Saturn 1B (1:100 scale)

    Saturn 1B (1:100 scale)

    The Estes Saturn 1B is a stunning 1:100 recreation of this rocket of the Apollo era. Designed to test Apollo hardware, it later served as crew launch vehicle for Skylab and the Apollo Soyuz Test Project. Build and launch this Master-Level kit for spectacular lift-offs and dazzling dual parachute recoveries.
  • Saturn V Skylab (1:100 Scale)

    Saturn V Skylab (1:100 Scale)

    In 1973, the last Saturn V was launched with a special payload – Skylab, America’s first space station. Now you can build and fly your own 1/100 scale replica of that historic mission. Exciting launches up to 350 feet on an Estes  F15-4  engine, and spectacular three-parachute recoveries.

    $109.99 $73.69

    Stock Level: 1

    $109.99 $73.69

    Stock Level: 1
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