PML 30" Durachute

PML 30" Durachute
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This item is drop ship only

This chute has  ~5" spill hole

f you have seen PML`s Dura-Chute parachutes out on the field, you know that we have the best parachutes on the market! Starting with the PAR-60 (60" diameter), we add heavy duty reinforcement webbing to each seam of the chute. This includes the seams between every panel, the skirt, the apex, and cord attach points. These are extemely rugged chutes!

"PML chutes were judged the highest in overall ratings of strength, quality, and appearance as published in an HPR Magazine report, The Great Parachute Driftoff."

All PML parachutes have a spill hole at the apex to reduce sway and drift. Approximate sizes (they may vary slightly) for the spill holes are shown below.

Also offered are Tubular Nylon Shock Cord, as well as various sizes of nylon recovery strap used in our piston systems. Tubular Nylon is many times stronger than elastic and is used in place of elastic for shock cord tethering. See our Complete FAQ on the FAQ Page for details on shock cord and strapping selection.

Parachute Sizing Upgrades -- PML chutes are sized for Midwestern and Eastern flying, as opposed to the open areas and hard landing surfaces of many Western sites. We size our chutes for minimal drift for smaller landing sites, while still allowing a safe descent rate into the grassy areas prevalent in the Midwest and East. However, if you`re flying in Western areas where drift is not as much a concern and where landing areas are harder (such as desert playa), or if you`re flying from high-elevation launch sites with lower-density air, we can upsize the chute in your kit. Upgrade pricing will vary depending upon the base and upgrade chute. As always, just ask when you order...PML will work with you on anything you`d like to do, kit or scratchbuild.

You`ll find the ability to upgrade to the next-size chute as a simple checkbox right in the area of the kit you`re ordering. As noted above, the pricing varies depending on the original and upgrade chute size.

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