Aerotech I40N-P DMS Warp-9 Rocket Motor

Aerotech I40N-P DMS Warp-9 Rocket Motor
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This motor requires a L1 Certification to buy.

The AeroTech Disposable Motor System DMS is a single-use motor in kit form that is assembled by the user. All of the Aerotech DMS motors use all-disposable components. The nozzle and propellant are already installed. You will need to set the desired delay time using the Universal Delay Drilling Tool (UDDT), Not Included, and then pour in the ejection charge. The Universal Delay Drilling Tool (UDDT) is required to adjust to a shorter time delay on all DMS rocket motors. 

The I40N-P is a long-burn, high-performance rocket motor intended for large gliders and lightweight vertical trajectory rockets for flights to high altitudes.  It delivers 374.9 N-Sec (84.3 lb.-Sec.) of total impulse with an impressive 10.0 second burn time and a total weight of 12.7 oz. (359.9 g).  This new rocket motor utilizes 7.0 oz. (197.0 g) of AeroTech’s aerospace-grade Warp-9™ (N) propellant formulation with a core-modified end-burner design.  Displaying a yellow-orange flame studded with "mach diamonds", Warp-9 is AeroTech's fastest-burning propellant.  Warp-9 is perfect when you need the highest thrust possible or when you have an end-burner requiring a high initial thrust with a steady and strong sustained thrust.  The I40N-P generates a peak thrust of 101.9 N (22.9 lb.) with an average thrust of 37.8 N (8.5 lb.).  The I40N-P is a plugged motor that does not produce delay smoke or an ejection charge, requiring the use of an electronically-activated recovery system. 

DMS motors feature a filament-wound fiberglass casing, a glass-reinforced composite phenolic nozzle, a molded plastic bulkhead and RCSs exclusive White Lightning™ aerospace grade composite propellant formulation, which produces a brilliant white flame with lots of dense white smoke and a throaty roar at lift-off.

This AeroTech motor pack comes with 1 rocket motor and 1 FirstFire™ Initiator and requires HAZMAT shipping via FEDEX. 

Certified by the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA), the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR).

  • Specifications:

    Motor Diameter: 1.5 inches (38mm)

    Casing Length: 7.98 inches (203mm)

    Total Impulse: 374.9 N-sec

    Average Thrust: 80 newtons

    Thrust Duration: 10.0 seconds

    Delay Time: Plugged

    Propellant Weight: 197 grams

    Motor Weight: 359.9 grams

Earn Reward Points: 69

Earn Discount: $2.07

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ManufacturerAerotech Rocketry
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