Aerotech K1800 Super Thunder Rocket Motor

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Required Hardware

This motor requires a L2 Certification to buy.

The AeroTech Reloadable Motor System RMS is an aluminum cased reusable motor in kit form that is assembled by the user. You will need AeroTech RMS-75/2560 motor hardware to build and complete the motor for many reliable flights. Motor hardware is available separately in a complete set, and also as individual parts. This motor requires installing a 75mm Forward Seal Disc, Stainless Steel (75FSDSS)during assembly. Important: High Power RMS reload kits are not compatible with Mid Power RMS products.

Perfect for heavy rockets launched from small fields, the K1800ST-PS delivers 2,440 N-Sec (548.6 lb.- Sec.) of total impulse with a 1.4 second burn time and an all-up weight in motor hardware of 6.1 lb. (2,766.9 g). It’s also a great booster for two-stage rockets, and features 2.45 lb. (1,113 g) of AeroTech’s aerospace-grade Super ThunderTM (ST) propellant formulation with a burn rate midway between Blue ThunderTM and Warp-9TM propellant types. The K1800ST-PS generates a peak thrust of 2,082.4 N (468.1 lb.) with an average thrust of 1,776.5 N (399.4 lb.). Super Thunder propellant displays a bright blue flame with prominent Mach diamonds and little smoke. Although the K1800ST-PS produces tracking smoke, it is a “plugged” motor that does not include an ejection charge and requires the utilization of an electronically-activated recovery system.

The AeroTech motor reload kit comes with 1 rocket motor reload. Reload kits include all internal motor components and FirstFire™ Initiators and requires HAZMAT shipping via FEDEX. 

Certified by the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA), the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR).

  • Specifications:

    Motor Diameter: 2.95 inches (75mm)

    Casing Length: 15.8 inches (402mm)

    Hardware Required: RMS-75/2560

    Total Impulse: 2444 N-sec

    Peak Thrust: 2082.4 N-sec

    Thrust Duration: 1.4 seconds

    Delay Time: Plugged with Smoke

    Propellant Weight: 1113 grams

    Motor Weight: 2772 grams

Earn Reward Points: 249

Earn Discount: $7.47

Product Code3466
ManufacturerAerotech Rocketry

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