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The hauntingly beautiful Ghost Chaser Rocket Kit is a deceptively simple flyer packed with fantastic features. Designed as a beginner model, this rocket goes together quickly in the hands of even the newest rocketeer. In no time you’ll have this finished bullet standing nearly two feet tall with its silvery white body tube and blue translucent fins that almost seem to glow.

Looking great almost straight from the box, this Ghost Chaser Rocket Kit, features a clever system of slots, tabs and clips (with a well-knotted shock cord) that holds this no-fuss model rocket together without a drop of glue. To finish off this fanciful flyer, use the included sheet of cool, custom sick-on decals.

Awesome features of this rocket kit include:

  • Pre-finished components: No sanding or painting required
  • Clear, 5-inch payload
  • Flies on Estes A through C engines

The Ghost Chaser Model Rocket flies on a range of engines for multiple field sizes and wind conditions. Look for a peak altitude of 1100 feet on an Estes C6-7 engine. Use the payload to conduct tests on the effects of rapid acceleration or just launch something naughty skyward. Whichever way you choose, be ready to track this rocket back to the ground after deployment of the 12-inch parachute.

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