Beginner Kits

Beginner Kits
  • 3 Bandits

    3 Bandits

    Get to the flying field quick with these  mini engine  powered rockets! 3 complete rockets, one great price!
  • Alpha III

    Alpha III

    A true classic, the Alpha III was the first rocket in the beginner series. Designed with pre-colored parts and self-stick decals, you’ll be ready for liftoff in an hour. Whether you’re a first timer or a long time flyer, the Alpha III should be in everyones’ collection.

    $23.99 $16.07

    Stock Level: 21

    $23.99 $16.07

    Stock Level: 21
  • Astrocam


    The Estes Astrocam® flying model rocket allows you to to capture audio and video from a rocket in flight.
  • Athena


    One of the most ever popular Ready to Fly rockets from Estes, the Athena is one cool rocket and comes fully assembled which means you get to the flying field quick. So grab a friend and get ready to have some fun!

    $14.99 $10.04

    Stock Level: 1

    $14.99 $10.04

    Stock Level: 1
  • Blue Origin New Shepard

    Blue Origin New Shepard

    The Estes New Shepard is a 1/66th scale model of the Blue Origin New Shepard launch vehicle. It flies to altitude on a  C5-3  or  C6-3 , and is capable of as much as 400 ft. It too, after deploying the capsule, falls through the atmosphere under a large parachute to gently touch down. Like the Blue Origin New Shepard, you can fly the Estes New Shepard again and again.

    $69.99 $46.89

    Stock Level: 5

    $69.99 $46.89

    Stock Level: 5
  • Cadet


    Great looking and fast assembly is why you’ll love the Cadet.
  • Destination Mars Leaper

    Destination Mars Leaper

    Officially it’s the LAMPMU – Low Altitude Mars Personal Maneuvering Unit – but no one ever calls it that. To most people, on Earth and on Mars, it’s simply “The Leaper™.” Developed for the first Mars Expedition of 2035, the jetpack was envisioned as a way to rapidly travel between surface habitats. What the engineers didn’t count on was just how fun it would be! Why walk when you can leap!
  • Destination Mars MAV

    Destination Mars MAV

    The Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) is the first rocket in the Estes Destination Mars series. A truly unique rocket, the MAV will keep you excited about the next steps to landing humans on Mars!
  • Dragonite


    The Dragonite is perfect for the first-time rocketeer. With this rocket, you can experience the thrill of building and flying your own high performance model rocket without gluing or waiting. This rocket is as much fun to put together as it is to fly! Just snap the pre-colored parts together and you’re ready to fly in minutes.
  • Firehawk


    From our Beginner line of model rockets, the Firehawk can reach heights of 550 feet on powerful Estes mini engine. Comes with all pre-colored parts so no painting is required!
  • Generic E2X

    Generic E2X

    How much more generic can you get than an all white rocket! Decorate it with the self stick decals included or your own markers.
  • Ghost Chaser

    Ghost Chaser

    The translucent blue and silvery-white Ghost Chaser features a transparent cargo section for lofting your favorite small payloads to altitude. Reach up to 1100 feet on an Estes  C6-5  engine. Start flying quickly with the no glue, snap-together construction and cool custom sick-on decals.

    $21.99 $14.73

    Stock Level: 5

    $21.99 $14.73

    Stock Level: 5
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