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Terra GLM
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The designers hypothetically created the Terra GLM rocket around the latest rocketry and armament technology for ground launch.

Some highlights of this dummy missile are its next-generation ramjet engine, which includes a variable intake scoop for hypersonic flight. Additionally, it utilizes lightweight and efficient fuel cell technology to power all electronic and electrical parts.

Moreover, it also includes a split fin design with an upper stabilizing section and lower flight control surfaces. Additionally, depending on the mission and the target, we can modify the ordinance segment of this missile to contain a variety of payloads.

While the full-scale Terra GLM rocket may not be real (yet)! The Estes GLM model rocket is ready to fly today! This scale-like model missile is loaded with great features that set it apart.

The kit consists of multiple pre-finished plastic parts molded in military olive drab, including a ramjet style nosecone, mid-body tube joiner, detailed fins with simulated steering surfaces, and engine mount components. These assembled parts complete the kit.

The body tubes come pre-finished in military colors so no painting is required. The realistic details don’t end there! The Terra GLM includes a sheet of peel-and-stick decals pushing the look of this model to the next level. Simulated access panels, rivet points, roll pattern markings, and military-style stenciling add to rocket's genuine appearance.

The Terra GLM is no slouch when launch day comes around, either! This sleek and attractive model can easily reach 875 feet on an Estes C6-5 engine. Launching from a smaller field? No problem – just use the suggested Estes B4-4 or B6-4 engines for a more modest peak attitude.

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